Enter the world of Virtual Reality! VRmachines are providers of Virtual Reality games and experiences for hire. Ideal for exhibition stands, corporate events and anywhere you want increased footfall, Virtual Reality is a real draw not just for the player but for spectators too. We can offer a variety of games and experiences from racing car simulation, seated and standing experiences such as roller coasters or the ocean depths, active games like CyberPong and shooting galleries and more tailored activities such as our exercise bike or treadmill, taking your movements and translating them in to an onscreen experience. Take a look at some of the examples here. VRmachines uses a state of the art computer and headset to provide an immersive experience. With the option to use HTC Vive’s room scale to create large playing areas or Oculus Rift seated or standing experiences using our exercise bike and treadmill there’s a VR experience to suit every space. All of our games and experiences are available with an overview monitor, allowing spectators to see what participants can see inside the headset, adding to the crowd draw. The exterior of our units are available to brand too - have your company logo on the headset or the exercise bike for example.
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